Bon Bon's Gluten Free Bakery - ABOUT US
Bon Bon's Gluten Free Bakery - You'll Never Know It's Gluten Free
                           About Us

Being a mother who has to cook and bake strictly gluten free for my daughter, I learned very quickly how expensive and not very tasteful a lot of the gluten free food is out there to buy. I also learned that there has become a large demand for gluten free food.

Bon Bon's Bakery is based on the belief that our customer's needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire staff is committed to meeting those needs. Keeping with the rise in demand for gluten free food, Bon Bon's Bakery is here to help ease the mind of many who are forced to eat gluten free, but do not want to sacrifice the taste.  We are a new small bakery with a big dream, which is to help and  satisfy many. 

Regardless if your gluten intolerance or have the celiac disease, you are forced to eat gluten free. Bon Bon's Bakery wants you to walk in our bakery and know that we are 100% gluten free, with out the sacrifice of taste.